Giro d'Italia, Milano


I was that kid who had a darkroom in the corner of his basement in high school. I was the one who'd rather stand on the sidelines of a freezing football game than sit in the nice, warm pressbox. I'm the guy who camped-out in the rain for two hours, just to get the perfect shot of a bike race in Italy.

I'm the one who waded into the cold bay water so I could get the best angle of the bridge in the background. I was always the last one out of the press room after a big event, working to get all the edits just right. 

I've fallen off the Great Wall of China, helped rescue 150 people from the former Soviet Union, dined at his villa with the Crown Prince of Tonga and was once picked-up and thrown out of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

I''ll never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do, or haven't already done myself.

I always say that every shoot is 90% you, and 10% me. 

This is me.